Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We're in our new house in Pensacola. 

While we are living in our new home we are renovating it...sounds fun right? Makes you think of all of those HGTV shows that you've seen and thought I could TOTALLY renovate a house and it would be SO much fun...well, it's not like that!! We forget that everything on tv looks so much better than what it does in real life...well I did at least. I kept envisioning Sabrina Soto coming in to make my house look like a million bucks for less (The Hi/Lo Project) or seeing Josh Temple (House Crashers) during one of our many Lowe's trips, and he would come in and totally update our kitchen and make it look freakin amazing!!! 

This, unfortunately, did not happen...what has happened has been a lot of sweat, some blood, and painting!! Before I show you the pictures of the progress from what our house looked like and what it looks like now let me tell you that this house had more holes in the walls than a dart board!! The walls were also extremely dirtier than I have ever seen. And we all know that I like things clean so this needed to be fixed asap!

See what I'm talking about with the holes?!

So, after ALL the holes were patched we started painting...

I'm a painting master!!

The laundry room was the first room we finished...

Finished paint...

Before and After

We were so proud of how the laundry room looked...until we looked up.
The last person who painted this house did not cut in, it's where you take a brush and outline the edges so you don't have to take a roller all the way to the edge, and hit the ceiling with the roller...great. Because the old paint job was a beigeish brown the ceiling looked dirty against our nice grey painted walls..awesome. So we went from our time line of painting all the walls to adding in painting the ceiling...ugh. That was an adventure...
Had to cover the new fans

Beginning with the nasty edges

Half way done with ONE room...

After attempting to paint the ceilings...which we did all 3 bedrooms and the laundry room...we decided we needed to get a professional in here to do it. It was just ridiculous...I mean a great trap/arm workout, but good grief! In the mean time, we finished painting ALL the bedrooms because we were getting carpet the next day...yes, I painted all day while Freddie was at work and when he came home we had dinner and then stayed up until 430 AM to finish painting...I've always known I was a procrastinator but dang! That one killed me...

Doing a "Raven" pose he says...?? 

Office Before
Office After

Guest Room Before

Guest Room After

Thankfully, our hard work paid off...



Guest Room

Oh! While all this was going on we were getting a fence, so the boys would be able to run free!
Check it!

They left a little gap so the boys could stick their heads out and bark at people that walked by...just kidding :)

The boys love being able to go out without us standing there watching them...I don't blame them.

So, once we decided to get someone to paint the ceilings it gave us an opportunity to tackle the kitchen...we're getting a new kitchen, I didn't tell you?! Yep, we got some sweet hickory cabinets, on sale of course, from Home Depot and some new appliances that are on there way here. So we needed to pull the old ones down...ugh. It didn't take long, but gross! These people were nasty!!

Taking down the wall cabinets!

Making progress
What the?! Seriously?! Who brings a wire in that way for a light dad would be appalled!!

There were frogs all over the windows...I know, I'm easily distracted.

Top section down!

Out with the old...

Look at this nastiness!! EWWW

This grossness was brought to you by the letter J.

Cleaned up and ready for the new cabinets!

So, whoever lived here before us did NOT clean!! When we pulled out the stove what we found is in the pictures above...there was grease everywhere, a drumstick, the letter's J and Q, a receipt, pasta, m&m's and other stuff that was too gross to list. That was fun to clean up... If people would just clean up after a spill or something happens stuff like this wouldn't happen! It's not hard, just pull the stove out and wipe it up!! Sorry, that's not directed at y'all, but more for the person that lived here before case they run across this blog :)

In a nut shell that's what has been going on...we're continuing work on the rooms, and by work I mean painting...we should have cabinets installed by tomorrow morning and the countertop guy is coming on Friday!! Hopefully we'll have appliances by tomorrow too!! I sure would love to be able to cook again...remind me that I'm saying this when there comes a time when I don't want to cook...

I'll try to keep the updates regular so I'm not bombarding you with pictures...and the longest post ever!! Have a wonderful Wednesday y'all!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Experience of purchasing another home...

After a long hiatus from the blog I'm back!! Many, many things have happened since my time apart from Life with Kight...The biggest of all is that WE MOVED...well sort of...we're still in the process of moving. The reason for our only somewhat move is that we do not have a house to live in yet. To save you all from a very long story of why we don't have a house to move in to yet, I'll give you the short and sweet (well, kind of bitter) story...I'd call up a rental, everything would be all good until they asked about pets. I'd tell them yes, we have 2 dogs...

These cutie batooties

they'd ask what breeds...I'd tell them a Lab and Rottie...their immediate response was, "oh, well you have a vicious dog, so no...sorry." WHAT!? My dog is NOT nor has he EVER been vicious...needless to say we're buying a house. I know, I's a good thing though. Well it will be once all of the craziness is over...I never imagined that a foreclosure would be such a pain in the butt!! I don't think I've ever had to be on the phone so much with so many different people so many different times...I am continually making sure that these people are keeping their word and getting this stuff done in a timely manner because it's going to cost ME money if they don't!! Lame...

I will post pics of the new casa once it is officially ours...I'm very hopeful about this new assignment...Freddie has already been working over there and LOVES it!! This makes my heart happy...he deserves more RQS bs to deal with!! As for me...well I'm still looking for the perfect full time job that will suite me, but for now I'm very happy being a traveling children's coordinator. In fact, I'm in San Antonio as I type this...and I get to see a bestie this weekend!! It's going to be wonderful to see a dear friend, along with snuggle her girlies!! 

Well folks, have a wonderful Thursday evening...until we meet again...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Guns!

Today is my little man's birthday! I can't believe he's 4 already... I remember when he was tiny...well as tiny as he could be...
Look at that face!
I remember the day we went to pick him...we walked in and there were so many yellow lab puppies running around, and Freddie grabbed Guns. He handed him to me and said, "what do you think about this one?" I held onto him...he sat in my arms calm as could be because he knew he had found his mom :) Let's backtrack a bit... we found an ad in the paper for lab puppies, but it was right before Christmas. My family was coming up to visit and I didn't know how they would do with 2 dogs in the house...we contemplated picking him out, leaving him there and picking him up after Christmas...but I told Freddie the only way we would be able to do that is if he had some mark on him that would make him different from the other pups so that we would know he's ours! Well we decided against leaving him, and took him home...while driving home with this precious guy I noticed that he has a little black dot/birthmark on his back right foot...that's when I really knew he was meant for us! Time went on and he grew...
Look at those paws!
And he grew some more...
So handsome!
He is now 4...and loves to play frisbee! He loves to play with his brother and run until he can't run anymore. He is still working on his howling, but gets better with every try. He loves people, especially all of his aunt's that give him all the love he wants! He's learned how to speak now too! Although he drives me nuts at times wanting to go out and play frisbee every 30 minutes, I don't know what I would do without those times together.  Happy Birthday Guns! I love you pup!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Traveling Adventures!

Since I last posted Freddie and I were going on a fun adventure...and what a fun adventure it was! Just a recap of what happened June-August...I walked at graduation!!
My wonderful husband got me flowers!

I was one of few that decorated my cap! It says, "It's hard to beat a person who never gives up."- Babe Ruth

The whole family was there!

After graduation...and I mean like the next day was our FIVE year anniversary!! Now this makes 8 years total of us being together...but what a wonderful day it was...We toured DC, and did a little bit of shopping (because that ALWAYS makes me happy!)...then he took me on a romantic dinner date to Fogo De's an amazing Brazilian restaurant that he took me to when we first started dating and we hadn't been since...Of course I wanted him to show off his amazing Portuguese speaking skills...and thanks to a little vino I got the guts to say a few words in Portuguese to the waiter...I was SO proud of myself because anyone who knows me knows that I turn red the moment I start talking to someone I don't really's just this weird thing that happens to me...annoying too!

After our wonderful dinner!

So in love with this man!
We even got to watch fireworks from our balcony that were being shot over the was a fantastic day! The next day we were leaving for Germany!!
Germany bound!
The flight was great, but once we got to Germany I was definitely out of my element...It took us forever to find the train, which bus to get on to even get to the train...once we did get to the train trying to figure out how to buy a ticket to our destination was super confusing...but once we got our tickets and got on the train I was a happy camper...
On the train to Oberhausen!
Oberhausen was was SO great to see Neuza, Pierce, Solveigh and Tom...Love seeing and spending time with family! They took us to some cool places that we would have never been known were was also great having a personal translator!
Solveigh, Neuza, Tom and Pierce in Dusseldorf
After visiting with the fam for a few days, we headed to Cologne. Again, another beautiful city...and we had some fun things planned...we went to the bridge over the Rhine and put our love lock on the fence and threw our keys into the Rhine! This bridge looks awesome with all the locks that people have placed on it...
Love Locks on the bridge

The story goes that you buy a lock with your loved one, find a place on the bridge to lock it onto, and then throw your keys into the Rhine signifying that you'll love each other forever! So Freddie and I bought our lock before we left and decorated it, knowing that maybe on our 10 year anniversary we would go back and find our lock. 
Team Kight!
We put our anniversary date on it as well as our initials

Check it out!!!
After putting our love lock on the bridge we walked around Cologne and checked out some of the other cool sights...we saw the Cologne Cathedral, which was super pretty!
Cologne Cathedral

Back of Cologne Cathedral
We were only in Cologne for a day, but it was a lot of fun...The next morning we took a super early plane ride to Italy...and I will continue that story tomorrow...until tomorrow folks!!